Follow a healthy diet. You’ve heard the advice before. But your diet is going to look different based on your health. Right?

You know…if you have diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease, a gluten allergy, or you’re trying to manage your weight, your calorie needs and macronutrients are going to look a little different.

So what if you had breakfast, lunch and dinner customized to meet your needs and protect your health?

That’s what researchers at Tufts University wanted to find out in a recent study published in JAMA Network Open. They looked at health data for about 6.3 million adults with at least one health condition with special dietary needs.

The big question: What happens when people receive medically-tailored meals to treat health conditions?

They found that medically-tailored meals could help:

  • Prevent 1.6 million hospitalizations per year
  • Save an estimated $38.7 billion in healthcare costs
  • Over a 10-year period medically-tailored meals would prevent almost 18.3 million hospitalizations and save $484.5 billion.

“...these programs are a highly promising strategy for improving health and well-being,” says National Institutes of Health lead researcher Kurt Hager. “The estimated reductions in hospitalizations and associated cost savings reflect that."

What are medically-tailored meals?

Customized meals or medically-tailored meals are created for people with special dietary needs to help manage health conditions like:

When launched 15-plus years ago, the goal was to provide busy families and seniors with healthy meals made from fresh ingredients and ready to eat in minutes. Now provides medically-tailored meals for 12 different health conditions and lifestyles.

Want to improve your health and your diet?

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