Government Agencies, such as Local Areas of Aging and Senior Services, are many times involved in ensuring their local aging populations are properly taken care of with the sustaining services that are critical to their health. This includes meals delivered to the home or meals provided in churches, community centers or senior centers. It is agreed that providing at least one meal a day is crucial in helping the elderly remain independent in the community. is involved in supporting Local Areas of Aging and various other Senior Services by our ability to provide dietitian designed meals. We understand and can accommodate the many State nutritional requirements and provide specially designed meals to support Government managed and Government supported programs. provides healthy, quality and tasty meals that provide for a great many special diets. We can get these meals delivered to your members anywhere in the continental United States within only a few days. Older people living by themselves many times have a tendency to deprive themselves of proper nutrition. We are proud to step up with our dietitian designed meals for the frail, elderly or at-risk populations to help them sustain a healthier life!! can help with County Areas of Aging's need for home delivered meals. Request someone from the team to contact you for more information.