Insurance Companies are finding great advantages in keeping members in their homes in Managed Long-Term Care. MLTC health plans provide services for some chronically ill people across the country, providing them with the freedom of staying in their own homes. This can be a great benefit to the patients and the Insurance Companies.

Costs of keeping a member in their own home and supplementing their lifestyle with useful services such as home delivered meals can be extremely cost effective for the Insurance Company and allows the member the psychological benefit of staying in their home. has extensive experience with MLTC meals for many Insurance Companies and has supported their members for years with this valuable service. provides healthy, quality and tasty frozen meals for a myriad of special and medical diets and we can deliver the meals to your members anywhere in the continental United States within a few days. We are happy that our dietitian designed meals for the frail, elderly or at-risk populations continue to help them sustain a healthier life!!

For information on how MLTC Meals could assist your Health Insurance Company, request someone from the team to contact you for more information.