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Who We Are


MK Meals is a division of that provides meals to insurance eligible individuals.


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Regular Orders

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Medically Tailored Meals

Low sodium, low carb, renal, dialysis and diabetic-friendly meals.


Medically Tailored Meals (or MTM) are already prepared meals that are created by our chefs to meet different medical and diet needs. Those needs could be for a diabetic diet, or for someone who has renal disease or is on dialysis.

MTM are great for someone who needs to lose weight, or anyone who is in need of nutritious meals. Our Medically Tailored Meals are frozen complete meals, portion controlled, delivered to your door.

Our Food Categories

We have Complete Meals for many different diets.

Low sodium

Easy to Re-heat in the Microwave or Oven. Sodium <700mg (although most are <500mg)


Low in Sodium <700mg (although most are <500mg), with controlled carbohydrates and sugars (most meals 20-45g carbs, but cannot exceed 65g carbs)


Our Portion Controlled Meals are dietitian designed to be healthy and lower in sodium. Each meal contains a main course and either one or two side dishes.

CKD Stage 3&4

These renal meals are a subset of our diabetic friendly meals that also contain limited amounts of sodium, potassium, phosphorus, and protein.


These meals are a subset of our diabetic friendly meals and contain a limited amount of sodium, potassium, and phosphorus.

Nutritionally balanced

Designed by a dietitian to be healthy and lower in sodium. Each meal contains a main course and either one or two side dishes.


Frequently Asked Questions

Depends on your authorization from your insurance company. Generally speaking, we ask that you place your order requests for 21 meals, although some members receive less than 21 meals per delivery.

Use the notes section of the website to request meals you don't currently see on the website, you might be surprised!

Well, we would have a difficult time explaining if someone wanted 21 orders of French bread but within reason, you are able to order more than one of any complete meal.

We're sorry, we don't have the ability to personalize the supplement kits at this time.



What they are saying about us

I am thrilled to finally find prepared meals that my parents actually look forward to having for dinner. The senior meals are seasoned just to their liking, and offer an easy way for them to get a healthy balanced diet. Thank you from our entire family.


Your meals have helped me get to a healthy weight and takes the stress off of worrying about what I can or can't eat on a renal diet. Taste great too!


At 93 years of age, I am delighted with your meals. Thank you for having a varied selection and for having low sodium meals that are delicious.


This is a lifesaver for me. I’m not good enough to put together and cook meals with my CKDIII requirements. Their customer service is unsurpassable and when the meals are that good, they will be perfect.


I would be lost without this food, It is delicious and I can get very low salt item and it involves just heating, no prep, which I'm now incapable of. It keeps me somewhat independent and fed without much work.



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