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Dialysis Meals Delivered

diabetic meal

Whether you are already on dialysis or your kidneys are failing, you need a special diet to preserve what is left of your kidney function. A dialysis diet typically is lower in potassium and phosphorus, as well as controlling the protein size. That can be a lot to remember. Having easy meals in your freezer can help to keep you healthier and lower your stress level.

Our team of chefs and our in-house dietitian have come up with a large number of tempting meals that are reheated in the microwave for an easy and delicious mealtime. Order dialysis meals for the person on dialysis, and order from our other menus for those in better health. That will keep the whole family happy.

The Dialysis meals are:

  • Low in Sodium <700mg (although most are <500mg)
  • Low in Potassium <700mg
  • Low in Phosphorus <350mg
  • Variety of Moderate (<25g) to High Protein (>25g) Meals

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